Mario & Luigi Dream Team Bros. 3DS

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Platform: 3DS
Released: 12 Jul 2013
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In this fourth installment of the popular RPG series Mario & Luigi, the story opens with Princess Peach and her staff, plus brothers Mario and Luigi in tow, being invited for a sightseeing trip to the mysterious Pi’illo Island by its equally mysterious proprietor, Dr Snoozemore. But after an initially hospitable welcoming to the island – albeit with Dr Snoozemore noticeably absent - things take a turn for the worse when Princess Peach is kidnapped and pulled into a Dream World by a new enemy in the series, the ghostly bat king Antasma.To chase down this new foe and rescue Princess Peach, Mario must enter this Dream World through the dreams of a sleeping Luigi, whose brain is revealed to be on a wavelength with the population of Pi’illo Island, the Pi’illo Folk. Alternating between Luigi’s Dream World and the real world, Mario and Luigi must solve puzzles, battle enemies, and even interact with creations of Luigi’s own imagination in order to succeed!Key Features:A beloved Nintendo RPG returning after 4 years, now on Nintendo 3DSThe Dream World offers unique interactions, Dreamy Luigi can interact with the environment in completely new and original waysThe art style is complemented by the auto-stereoscopic 3D effect that also influences the gameplayHumorous plot, funny dialogue and high quality StorytellingWhat‘s New!Dream World - In this chapter of the series, you can visit the Dream World, a unique world built inside Luigi’s mind that employs creations of his imagination. As such, you can then experience the contrast between the real world and the Dream World, as well as the one between real Luigi and Dreamy Luigi. Furthermore you can access special powers when in the Dream World, the Luiginary Works that allow Dreamy Luigi to interact with the Dream World in unexpected ways.Luiginary Attacks - In the Dream World, you can also fight using the power of Dreamy Luigi. Each normal Mario attack is enhanced by the addition of hundreds of Luigis that contribute to the dam


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